Did you choose a “fair hotel” to sleep well?

September 10, 2015

Sweden is becoming better and better at providing ecological and fairly traded alternatives for the dinner table, and slowly also for other earthly needs such as the wardrobe. In the travel industry however we are less conscious about what to choose and how our choices affect the visited destination.

Travelife is one of the labels (standards) for hotels designed to ensure adequate sustainability and environmental management, labour and human rights. It is applied by the 3 largest charter companies in the country. Recently, Schyst resande, a Swedish NGO with the mission to promote sustainable travel reported to have found “clear violations of the standard” for hotels in Turkey, including paying minimum wages and no compensation for working overtime. While this situation was identified and communicated to the charter companies already in 2012 no improvements were identified. The report further stated that there were almost no differences, in terms of labour and human rights standards, between Travelife certified hotels and those without the certification.

Although the label may not fulfill what it is stated we (Love for beaches) recommend choosing a hotel with some kind of eco or fair label since it does give a message to the industry that this is an important factor for you (the customer!). With time, and enough awareness rising efforts (such as the report from Shyst resande) the certification processes will be refined. It is important however to be aware of these deficiencies. Unfortunately you cannot expect basic environmental and social factors to be met even if you pay extra for a certified hotel. So, while supporting sustainable travel keep on being generous with your tips when you can. Do also express your concern by asking questions to the hotel management. Show you care :)

Travel light and have a great day!

Love For Beaches Team ♥♥♥


PS: Want to read the full report? It’s available in English here.