Any Aussie would laugh…

July 20, 2015

Any Aussie would laugh…

… We’ll soon get back to what… but first, what to expect from a Swedish beach? Many people haven’t discovered the beauty of the Swedish beaches. Some could easily compete with beaches in well-renowned “beach destinations” such as Greece and Spain. We currently choose to focus on two of the most heavily beach-sprinkled areas in the country – Skåne in the very south and Öland, a summer island in the southeast, known for its ecologically produced foods and art.

So, if you do visit Sweden in summertime what amenities can you expect to find? Well, the answer is diversity. In general, the amenities at beaches kept by municipalities are quite simple. Standard features are a lifebuoy, a wooden table, a simple toilet and a very simple arrangement to make your own barbeque on the beach. (We can tell you, any Aussie, the kings of beach barbecues, would laugh their head off). To locate beaches with more than these basic amenities use the Love for Beaches advanced search.

Oh, we missed one important feature of Swedish beach amenities. They always come with at least one bench. This bench, could be located on the beach, on the top of a sand dune, in the water, on the pier… let’s say anywhere and everywhere… :) Go and explore!

Love for Beaches team ♥♥♥