Too much of the good stuff - overindulging waters…


Today eutrophication (excess of nutrients) is one of the major global threats to coastal and estuarine environments. Waters around the world are increasingly eutrophied due to human activities including discharges of nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) from human settlements, traffic, agriculture and industries into water bodies.

In 1960 there were 10 documented “dead” sea bottoms with severely affected marine life. The amount in 2008 had risen to over 400! Excess of nutrients in marine waters is expected to continue increasing in the future as a response to population growth and agricultural activities.

Excess nutrients in the water enable organisms such as plants and algae to grow unrestrictedly. This results in toxic algae blooms (dogs can die from swimming in it and small children can become ill), loss of eatable fish and shellfish, overall decline in water quality, bad smell, limited sunlight for bottom fauna, anoxic water bodies, and oxygen depleted dead sea bottoms.


 ✓ Use biodegradable & phosphate-free detergents 

 ✓ Eat less meat to decrease nitrogen input from manure

Limit transports to reduce nitrogen emissions
 - eat locally produced food
 - choose the most efficient option when travel such as bike, bus & train

 ✓ Avoid discharging dirty water (waste water) to waterbodies
- let dishwater and other dirty water infiltrate the soil at a distance from the water
- empty septic tanks for boats in to appropriate waste systems in harbours

 ✓ Avoid urinating directly in to the water

 ✓ Conserve the natural coastline, a healthy vegetation zone strips water from nutrients
 - avoid building in near coastal areas
 - avoid damaging coastal vegetation
 - choose hotels located at a distance from the beach

 ✓ Restrict use of fertilisers in your garden

 ✓ Limit motor sports at sea
 - limit jet ski and motorboat use especially in sensitive areas

Connect your house (and summer house) to proper sewage treatment

✓ Use composting lavatories in stead of flushing ones

♥♥♥ Thank you for contributing to wellbeing on this planet ♥♥♥  - See more at:

♥♥♥ Thank you for contributing to wellbeing on this planet ♥♥♥ 

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