Make sure your stay on the beach will be fun & relaxing…♥♥♥

Safe and fun on beach
Stay happy and carefree on the beach by being beach-smart!


✓ Be free of drugs and alcohol before swimming and avoid consuming it while on the beach

✓ Always obey any signs on the beach giving information on current conditions

✓ If possible chose a beach with lifesavers and check their patrol hours

✓ Swim close to the section where lifesavers operate and in designated areas for swimming
- In Australia and a few other places lifeguards assess the ocean each day and put up flags in between which you should swim. Respect their experience and always stay between the flags

✓ Always swim together with a friend, or if available swim in ocean-water pools adjacent to the sea

✓ Be realistic when assessing your swimming ability

✓ Avoid diving in to shallow waters or waters of unknown depth

✓ When arriving at the beach, look around to locate safety facilities (flag system, lifeguards etc) and locate potential hazards (sharp rocks, submerged rocks etc)

✓ Bring plenty of water and drink regularly

✓ Use protective wear (sunglasses, sunhat, shirt, sunscreen)
-The younger body, the more cover is needed

✓ Swim at daytime, avoid swimming at dusk, dawn and night

 lifeguards Aussie beach
  Lifesavers team and equipment on Newport beach, Sydney, Australia. Photo:L.H.Lindell


✓ If there are strong currents in the water walk out and swim back

✓ If you are surprised by the size of a wave and it is inevitable it will hit you, dive into the base of the wave

✓ If you are caught in a rip, stay calm.  Swim toward the shore at a 45-degree angle or just float and signal for help. Do this by raising one arm (not shouting or raising two). Relax, if you try to force the current by swimming you get exhausted fast

✓ If you have a surfboard or body board use it as a float


This page is continously updated, check back for more advice ♥