About Us

What is Love For Beaches?

Love for Beaches is an on-line data base of beaches to assist you in the choice of beach to visit for your next holiday! * Currently we work with beaches in southern Sweden * Love for Beaches wish to raise awareness on how you can enjoy beach recreation in a safe and sustainable way - to ensure your wellbeing - as well as healthy coastal ecosystems.

What we believe in...

We believe… changes start in the hearts and minds of people
We believe… it is possible to improve life quality without compromising ecosystem functionality
We believe… in HAPPY people enjoying the BEAUTIFUL beaches of our planet with CARE

Who we are...

We are a small team with a genuine desire to contribute to a more balanced and joyful world for our generation and for those to come. We are passionate about planet Earth and wish to conserve the diversity and richness that it holds, both in terms of the people and the natural landscape. Love for beaches is based in Scandinavia (Malmö-Copenhagen). Please use the contact form to make any inquires.

How you can contribute...

√ By following our recommendations on how to travel sustainably and how to interact with the sea without causing damage. Find advice here.

√ By sharing our information in social media

√ By becoming a sponsor or donator * Contact us for more information *